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We're on a mission to feature 1000+ real stories from real Australian women who escaped violence, and rebuilt their lives. 


We're on a mission to feature as many stories of real Australian women as possible  and sharing them across our media platforms as much as possible. 

There is real power in storytelling and as women we have never been in a better position to connect with each other and know that we are not alone on the road to recovery, whatever that might look like for each of us. 

These stories feature as blog posts, and podcast episodes which are sent to local and state leaders asking the simple question, "how many stories do you need to hear before taking action to protect women?" 

This campaign was inspired by the tragic death of Eurydice Dixon - a 22 year old woman who was found raped and murdered in Princess Park, Melbourne just 900 meters from her home. 

Her death is the fourth traumatic, publicised death of a woman in Melbourne in recent years - these include Sarah Kafferky, Masa Vukovic Jill Meargh and now Eurydice Dixon. 

Each of these deaths were preventable, and still we have little action to protect women, and educate and empower men.

If you want to be involved with the campaign for change, there are several ways you can help:

1. Share the podcast across your own social media platforms 

2. Share your own story on the podcast (which you can do anonymously)

3. Donate to the campaign - donations go towards running this website and the podcast - this is not a for-profit cause. 

4. Recommend podcast guests, topics and guest bloggers who are experts in relevant areas i.e. law, counselling, trauma etc.

5. Share related articles and tag us with the hashtag #1000storiesforchange

Together, we can allow such a rampant problem to re-define us into a society we can be proud of.   

 Listen to Recovery Podcast by clicking the image above, or listening in iTunes or Stitcher. 

Listen to Recovery Podcast by clicking the image above, or listening in iTunes or Stitcher.