S1 E1 | Lisa's Story | #1000storiesforchange

Welcome to the official first episode of Season One of Recovery!

After a break, we've remodelled this podcast to cover more lady-centric things including a Feminist News segment, and Cool Feminist Things.

Today's episode features Lisa, a courageous Melbourne woman who was sexually assaulted by a man she met via an online dating service. This episode covers explicit content, descriptions of injuries and her experiences with the medical and judicial system as an adult survivor of rape. It also covers Lisa's story of recovery and the incredible resilience and courage she has to rebuild her life.

Key Points:

  • Ask for support from your loved ones

  • Trauma can look “busy”, take time to check in with yourself

  • Seek support from an advocacy service to find out what your rights are

  • Forgiveness is a key to recovery

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