S1 E4 | Post-Apocolyptic Patriarchy? Plus, Donkey's Shouldn't Vote with Trudi Pavlovsky

Welcome to season one, episode four of Recovery Podcast! 

Strap in feminists, this week we're getting on our equally high horses to talk about what the fudge-nuggets has happened post Victorian State Elections, a little history of women's voting rights, and we're joined by fellow feminist and fearless woman, Trudi Pavlovky to ask the most important questions every feminist should be asked:

  • Does she hate men? 

  • Is she a Witch? 

  • How do we punch a big hole in the Patriarchy? 

  • What does a world post Patriarchy look like?

Stay tuned for some rad feminist jokes that are bound to have you groaning and giggling - tweet us your favorite jokes @RecoveryPod! 

Ashleigh Rae