Is This Website a Suffragette?

It's only been in the last year that I've learned about Feminism and all the underground movements causing huge ripples to flow through society. 

It began with a podcast called The Guilty Feminist, a show that made me laugh and cry and fed my heart and mind in a way nothing else had ever done. It was in fact through this podcast, I learned just a teeny tiny bit about "The Suffragettes" and why these women deserve to be honoured and recognised in our history books (except, the last time I did  History in school we focused only on the discovery and colonisation of Australia, and the thuggery against it's indigenous tribes). 

U'm not going to launch into a full blown history lesson here - only I will say that if you have the opportunity, google these women. They are fascinating, fierce, unapologetic and... they really liked blowing stuff up, so technically, domestic terrorists of their day. 

The Suffragettes used three colours to symbolise their movement for equality, Purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity and green for hope. Colours that perhaps traditionally, we would associate with purity, fertility, and wisdom and healing - all strong feminine attributes. These colours you'll see dotted around this website - a small act of reverence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, author of the book Votes for Women in 1908, and head-nod to all my sisters out there being a leading light for equality and women's rights, globally. 

So... yes this website is something a tribute to the women who have come before me, who have dreamed of living the life I lead (mostly) free to do as they please - and it's also for the women who will come after - my younger sisters growing up now, and yet to be born. 


Ashleigh Rae