Top 10 Feminist Shows on Netflix Right Now

You wouldn't necessarily think this, but Netflix I suspect is at it's core, a Feminist. 

I love me a god Netflix binge, but I love it more when I find films and shows that engage me as a woman - where there are strong female leads with well thought out plots that aren't just abut a muscley white guy saving the day and winning the heart of his beloved - or an even creepier rom com. 

So, if you're CRAVING some really great, thought provoking, heart warming and philosophical shows to binge, here are my top suggestions for (I've watched them all, and I'll watch them all again!)

1. Alias Grace, originally written as a book by Margaret Atwood (the creator of The Handmaids Tale - another COMPULSARY viewing for everyone) this story takes place ye olde Canada and follows the story of a young Irish woman marginalised and abused by the society she finds herself in touching on issues of the wealth gap (even back in the olden times!) abortion rights, marriage rights, and so much more. Get on it. 

2. The Testimony: this 28 minute doco showcases the seriously courageous women of the Congo - the women who are routinly raped by soldiers on both sides of the conflict and their struggles for justice. These women bravely step forward to give testimony at the FIRST (I mean literally the FIRST) rape trial on such a scale in the Congo. It will break your heart, and mend it all at once and give you courage to watch. Also, these women are stunningly beautiful. 

3. The Hunting Ground is an almost 2 hour epic of the rampant sexual abuse occurring on American College campuses, and the lack of support and response from these institutions - including some very high profile fraternities outwardly promoting sexual assault and rape. This doco follows two women blazing the trail of holding these colleges and universities accountable for providing a safe campus for the survivors, and holding perpetrators accountable. 

4. Hannah Gadsby: Nanette this Aussie comedian has always made us laugh, but now she's making us really STOP and think about what we're actually laughing at. this comedy special has won heaps of awards at Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival and will having your crying, grieving, cheered and put back together again and laughing all in a single minute. 

5. The Bleeding Edge - a doco about (mostly) feminine health products and their unregulated industry, causing permanent harm to it's recipients. It will seriously make you cringe and run far, far away from permanent infertility treatment, Essure. 

6. Queer Eye: Duh. it's amazing. Sure, it's five men who mostly make over men, but this show gives so much in self-care and self-worth to its viewers it absolutely qualifies as feminist. Also, I've watched both seasons on repeat I don't know how many times now, and it just brings up the general vibe. 

7. All of The Hunger Games: Ok, I wasn't on-board with The Hunger Games when they originally showed in Cinemas, but I've changed my ways. This movie series has several strong, complicated female leads out changing the goddamn world. 

8. Chewing Gum directed by fabulous feminist, Susan Wokoma this show is about a Jesus-obsessed Nigerian family and the relationships they have with each other and their community following the story of Tracy, her sister and her mother this show will have you in stitches and cringing at its awkwardness and gagging at the gross bits!

9. The Break with Michelle Wolf Remember that White House PRess Conference with the lady who made fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders eye shadow, and everyone got all uppity at her remarks? That's comedian Michelle Wolf. She used to feature and write for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and she's got her own gig! 

10. Girls Incarcerated just like the title suggests, this show follows the stories of real teen girls who find themselves in juvenile detention, and the struggles of the system that is there (supposedly) to support them, and the cultural and social pressures, and disadvantages they face in rebuilding their lives. 

You know what, just because Netflix has been awesome at showcasing fab women I'm going to add another one here: Iliza Schlezinger, Elder Millenial. This comedy special will put you in stitches and Iliza is wonderful at articulating the struggle of the wealthy white woman (that was sarcasm). 

So, what nuggets of feminist gold have you found on the interwebs, or on Netflix we should know about? drop your fave feminist shows/movies in the comments below!

Ashleigh Rae