Your Story is My Story, My Story is Your Story?

I've just wrapped up another interview with a courageous, fierce champion of change, Renee Mayne and my heart and mind are doing backflips. 

I've had the pleasure of meeting Renee in person several times - at the 2018 Unicorn Ball, the Businesses Creating Magic and Change Expo and I've also attended her live event The Hedonistic Business Jam. To give you an idea of the woman behind the voice, Renee has fiery red hair and being around is like being with your rebellious, edgy, somewhat outspoken friend - who radiates a wonderful tenderness and acceptance. 

Renee shared in her interview for the #1000storiesforchange campaign (not to give it all away, you'll have to listen to the full podcast episode!) so much that resonated with me, and the events in my own life. Her story was, to some extent - my story too. 

And this struck me - are all our stories really the same story? 

We certainly all have similar archetypal figures that appear in our story: the Villain, the Prostitute, the  Mother, the Child, the Warrior, the Heroine. 

And they do all feature very similar storylines. 

It's a curious thing - of course, all our stories have their nuances, the things that make them unique to us and our own lived experience and it dawns on me that this the power of storytelling. This is a collective, verbalized "me too" moment that these stories facilitate - where it goes beyond a twitter or Facebook post and we're putting real faces, and voices to a hashtag and bringing back our humanity to the forefront.  Renee's story of experiencing domestic violence as a young child at a vulnerable time in her life reminds me, and I'm sure will remind you, that we are not walking this path alone. We are not the only ones who are or have experienced violence. 

Its a strong reminder of why sharing our experiences is so effing important - we live in a world that is so wonderfully connected and yet, for the most part, women have excluded themselves  and not seized the amazing opportunity to really connect beyond Masterchef, The Block, what's in fashion, and eating at that new trendy cafe and that new superfood that's all the rage. It's a reminder to have actual, real human conversation on a deeper level that touches your heart, and moves your emotions - ones that inspire and uplift you - like Renee's story does for me. 

I encourage you, when you hear the stories of these women to see where your story and theirs overlap - it may only be brief, but they will collide and it will seem like your experience and there's for even just a brief moment, are one and the same and you will know in your heart and gut, in your womb that you are not walking this path alone. 

We are, to be cheesey and yet so damn truthful, all in this together.



If you'd like to connect with Renee, I highly recommend checking out her blog where she frequently explores issues surrounding Domestic Violence. Click here to check it out

Listen to Renee's story on Recovery Podcast in Apple Podcasts.


Ashleigh Rae